BAME buyers heading for the seaside

Lawrence has seen a dramatic increase in applicants with BAME backgrounds seeking accommodation properties in Weymouth since “staycations” hit the headlines. A recent sale of a substantial Freehold Hotel on the seafront to a family which has been arranged in an ‘off market’ deal highlights the trend with more in the pipeline. Lawrence is used to dealing with similar investors having run a major city centre business agency with 1200 business for sale in Bristol for many years and saw investors move from retail to hotels to residential homes according to the market prospects. He aims his marketing to the areas most effective to capture the eye of such investors.

Otherwise, the Covid crisis has brought British people back from overseas seeking a secure income by the coast with up to 100% occupancy at a time when London is struggling at 37%. Redundancies throughout the UK and poor oil prospects for the future in Scotland have been given as reason why buyers have agreed to purchase a guest house in the West Country through Lawrence’s specialist hotel agency.